Polo Neck Plain

“Plainly Stylish”

Where style meets with comfort to make you look plainly stylish, that is our “Plain Polo neck T-Shirts” for you. Available in fresh colors and bang on sizes, these T shirts should be your wardrobe staple this season.

Plain Satin Lycra Shirt

“Refine your image”

Don’t miss on being in a comfortable yet stylish Plain satin Lycra shirt, also add more colors to it.

Plain Round Neck Lycra T-shirts

“Comfort comes first”

Comfort comes first and rest just follows. Understanding the basic concept we have curated a whole new range of skin friendly T shirt in various prints, colors and sizes. With soft and comfortable fabrics, our “Plain Lycra Round Neck T shirt” is now available in stores.


Round Neck Lycra
T-shirts Yellow

Plain Polo
T-Shirt Black

Plain Satin Lycra
Shirt Grey

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